June 3, 2016

Valleycliffe mountain bike trails

Bryan Raiser, owner of 99 North Medical Cannabis Dispensary, visits some of his favourite trails in Squamish

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Bryan Raiser rides Rock Star, a rock drop located among the mountain bike trails above Valleycliffe. — David Buzzard

One of Bryan Raiser’s favourite things to do is to jump on his mountain bike and simply get lost. “The 5 Point South Trail in Valleycliffe leads to an absolute maze of climbing, hiking, biking, and trials trails that is impossible to explore without getting lost, so it’s one of the last places to be overrun with tourists.”  

Raiser initially arrived in Squamish in the mid-90s to take on a job at the local radio station Mountain FM, writing ads, news and other scripts. “It was a much different place and personally I tried so hard to get out of this ‘extremely-hostile-to-newcomers’ town. Once I got a mountain bike and made some friends, I realized this was where I was meant to be. Of course, once I figured that out, I was restructured out of radio and joined the thousands in town who just did whatever they have to in order to stay in this paradise.” 

Raiser’s gigs have included two-term municipal councillor, newspaper columnist, movie reviewer, landscaper, sticker and t-shirt designer, and currently, owner-operator of 99 North, Squamish’s first medical cannabis dispensary. 

Source: Chris Dale

About The Valleycliffe Trails

Between the mountain biking trails of Vancouver’s North Shore and the crazy circus that is the Whistler Bike Park, trail builders created an extensive network of trails in Squamish. The local fat tire community’s trails specialize in the “flow feeling” that draws riders from all over the world to tackle diverse challenges such as Half Nelson, Credit Line, Man Boobs and Fifty Shades of Green, a rare single-track trail specifically designed for uphill riding. 

Environmentally sensitive trails have been developed in four major zones: Valleycliffe/Crumpit Woods, Diamond Head/Quest U, Alice Lake/Garibaldi Highlands and Brackendale. The variety of challenge and riding style in this 200-kilometre-plus trail network is truly astonishing, and creative riders don’t ever need to do the same loop twice. Membership in SORCA (Squamish Off Road Cycling Association) is highly recommended to gain access to current trail information, phone apps and to enter the famous Toonie Race series. 

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