June 24, 2016

A Passion in Yoga

— Discover Squamish

Josee Fontaine is passionate about yoga in all its forms, early morning meditation, surfing glassy waves, kitesurfing blue oceans, sitting in the sun on top of a mountain, skiing down amazing lines, traveling the world, looking at the stars, enjoying raw vegan food. The list goes on...

Shala Yoga started one day near the end of January 2011.  She had just returned from the North shore of Maui HI, her other home. The space where Shala is now situated was still available and she decided to sign the lease. February was spent renovating the space with a few friends, while people started to stop by at the door, curious about it, bringing snacks, inquiring about classes, about teaching yoga here, helping painting, building the shelves, cleaning up. In March 2011 Shala Yoga was open for yoga classes. “It has been the most amazing journey since.”

“Thank you to everyone for making Shala Yoga this vibrant inspiring yoga studio.  This place would not be the same without all of you.  Looking forward to see what these next 4 exciting years will bring... Om Shanti.” 

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